About Me


Let's see, where should I begin?

I grew up in Montereau, near Paris. Believe it or not, I went to a catholic school through the eighth grade. I then moved to Paris, where I went to high school. After high school I pursued a short term career as a pizza maker for few years (yes, little ole me!). I have definitely made my share of Pizza. I then started waitressing at a club where, after I harnessed enough nerve, I would later begin my dancing career. I loved dancing and was then asked by the club, along with other dancers, if I would pose in their calendar. I ended up not only being Miss June, but I was also chosen to be the centerfold. I was enjoying dancing but the exhibitionist in me wanted to dance nude. Therefore I chose to move to a bar that allowed nude dancing.

I worked there for almost a year when another nude club opened nearby called The Clubhouse where I eventually went to work. I still liked dancing but I did not like the hustling aspect, trying to talk over loud music and the lack of privacy. That was when I made the decision to pursue the escort business. Of course I had no idea where to begin, so I started working for a couple of the agencies. After about two weeks I got tired of the run around and deceitfulness. You know the routine, you would like the company of a 5' 8" blonde at $200.00 plus tip but answer the door to find a 5' 2" over weight brunette who wants to charge her fee on top of the $200.00 agencies fee, plus tip also. So I decided to venture out on my own. I placed ads in all the local papers and set my own fees and standards. Standards I hope you will agree with; straight forward fees, using my own photographs and honesty. I then contacted my web page provider wanting them to help me with getting started on the Internet. When my page first went on line there were only a handful of escorts with web sites. They listed general information such as their names, location and maybe a phone number or email address. I went a step further by 1) Using current photos that showed all angles 2) Listing my phone and personal e-mail address 3)Adding a page that listed all of my rates, that way you knew what to expect. 4) Letting everyone know the best times to reach me for making appointments. I should also add that I use my real name and correct age, you can even I.D. me.....!

I receive about 1000 to 1500 visitors per day which is great for an escort site. I keep my page free of clutter such as links and banners except for my photographer. I also update my page often with new photos for everyone to enjoy.

I began all of this not wanting to be another escort, but as "The" escort. As someone once said, lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. I chose to be the leader! If you go to the Home page you can see some of the magazines and adult newspapers that have featured me on the covers, and some have also written articles or have done interviews with me. Hopefully more to come!